On Monday 15th. February we enjoyed a pamper morning followed by a social afternoon. The hairdresser Denise also returned, so many of us enjoyed having our hair done again!

Tuesday 16th. was Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Day!

We started the day with yoga moves and chair-based exercises followed by a Famous Couples quiz. During the afternoon we all enjoyed preparing the fruit fillings for our pancakes as well as getting some practise in flipping them!

Ann and Dorothy prepare fruit for the pancake filling.

Tony prepares the batter!

Joan tries to flip a pancake!

Ann and Dorothy have a go!



Delicious Hillbrow homemade pancake with fresh banana, blueberries and syrup!

Lovely smile from Joan as has a giggle during the exercises!


  • On Wednesday 17th. February we did our morning exercises followed by a sing-a-long then during the afternoon enjoyed an arts and social afternoon.

Ann doing arm exercises!

Joan, Dorothy and Ann singing.

Joy joined in.

Tony was in good voice!

Ann singing along!

Helen enjoyed it too.

Elizabeth was soon joining in.

Even ‘Cheeky’ joined in – Cat calling!!

Rejoice sang and danced too!

Tony, Dorothy, Ann and Rod get creative!

Rod colours a very complex illustration of a lion.

Tonys’ very colourful creation.

Tony and Dorothy concentrating very hard!

Jeff preferred reminiscing about life in the 50-60’s with this fabulous book!


On Thursday 18th February we enjoyed a lively beachball game

Tony, Joy, Joan and Ann.

The 2 Joans have a go!

Joy encourages others!

We also played Hillbrow Hangman and did some gentle exercises. During the afternoon we were busy with the flower arranging.

Tony, Joan, Ann and Dorothy do leg exercises.

Everyone ‘Arms Up!’

Dorothy stopping for a photo whilst trimming the flowers.

Ann enjoying herself!

Our finished vases!


On Friday 19th. February we enjoyed some ball games.

Ann being playful with the ball!

Pearl played.

Joy had fun!

Daphne enjoyed a pamper session.


On Saturday 20th. February we reminisced about games we used to play and then in the afternoon some of us played Jenga.

Rod and Joan remembering games we used to play.

Tony remembered ‘Battleships.’

Ann and Dorothy concentrating hard on their game!

Elizabeth and Rod played.


On Sunday 21st. February we enjoyed a pleasant morning social with the Sunday papers and then during the afternoon it was Film Club.