On Monday 15th. February we enjoyed our chair-based exercises followed by the ever popular ‘Coin a Phrase ‘ quiz. During the afternoon we sat down to  the Giant Crossword puzzle. 

Elwyn, Iris, Kath and others doing arm exercises.

Iris following the exercises well.

Irene enjoys the exercises.

Tess and Diane ‘punch it out!’

Kath doing the exercises enthusiastically!

Tess also did some colour therapy.

Pat tended to our houseplants.


On Tuesday 16th. February we enjoyed the bean bag toss and a lively balloon bounce.

and then a quiz during the afternoon.


Tess and Iris enjoy the balloon bounce!

Tess and Mary have a go at the bean bag toss.


Some of us also enjoyed being able to have our hair done again by Denise the hair dresser who returned to the home on Tuesday.

Tess and Pat looking lovely!


Diane who was very pleased to be able to have her hair done too!


On Wednesday 17th. February we celebrated Pancake Day (albeit a day late!) We learnt about the history and tradition of Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Day and laughed as we watched staff flipping pancakes before we had a go ourselves!

Asmita and Jay Jay flipping the pancakes!

Mary and Kath T. with pancakes in motion!

Diane, Kath M, and Pat have a go!

The men try- Elwyn and Peter!


Beryl and Iris!


Where’s it gone?!……Pat and Sally-Anne trying to flip and then catch pancakes to each other!

We also did our chair-based exercises and then during the afternoon we enjoyed Musical Bingo with an impromptu sing-a-long!

Diane doing exercises and singing!

Tess standing up to do a lot of the exercises.

Fabulous leg exercises by these three ladies!

Len and Peter representing the men well!

Kath T and Sylvia doing one of our most challenging exercises!



Beryl and Irene concentrating during musical bingo!

Evelyn was delighted to receive a get well soon card from her great, great niece Bethany!


On Thursday 18th. February it was National Drink Wine Day!

During the morning we did rhytnmic exercises to the Medau programme and some of us enjoyed arrnging the fresh flowers delivered that morning.

Woodlands very own florists busy with the flowers!

Tess admires a sunflower.

Kath T finishes her vase.


What a beautiful and colurful display! (Beatrice and Pat)

Jean looking lovley after seeing the hairdresser.

Irene also looking lovely after seeing the hairdresser.

During the afternoon we celebrated National Wine Drinking Day with a quiz all about wine whilst we enjoyed one or two! We also did a wine themed word wheel.

Cheers Beatrice, Elwyn, Arthur and Daphne!

We managed 61 words from ‘Corkscrew’ and Pat guessed the word wheel word

Itself and won a prize.


On Friday 19th. February we enjoyed our chair-based exercises and a ‘Muscials’ themed word search. In the afternoon we had a virtual trip to the Musicals with an audio and picture quiz on famous musicals. We were soon singing along and remembering our favourite musicals!

Mary and Pat touching their toes!

Arthur participated.

Beryl was enthusiastic!

We remembered 59 musicals!

Len liked the music of ‘Hello Dolly’

Angela sang along to Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang!

Kath M told me she loves musicals and was singing along to most of them during the activity. Joan loved ‘Calamity Jane’


Iris celebrated her Birthday with a lovely visit from her daughter and Grandson in the visiting room and then enjoyed blowing out the candles on her cake before joining the musicals afternoon.



Iris said she loved ‘The King and I’ and Arthur was a fan of my Fair lady.


Tess and Peter who said he loved ‘Singing In the Rain.’


On Saturday 20th. February we enjoyed a balloon bounce and then were entertained by Louis with a wonderful piano sing-a-long.

Fun wit the balloon!


Kirsten and her daughter Mackenzie  danced for us!



Peter also played for us!

Daphne enjoyed the music so much!


Mary also loves a bit of music!


On Sunday 21st. February we enjoyed ball games and a quiz before Film Club during the afternoon.