On Monday 5th. April we enjoyed the colourful parachute game and then a quiz. During the afternoon it was time for some relaxing pampering.

Pat our lovely new lady enjoyed the parachute game.

Daphne enjoyed the quiz.

Quiz Time!

Jill enjoys a manicure during the pampering session.

On Tuesday 6th. April we enjoyed our chair-based exercises followed by a reminiscence activity. During the afternoon we did a ‘Stones’ quiz.

Joan and Helen enjoyed looking at the reminiscence book ‘When I Were A lad.’

On Wednesday 8th. April the chiropodist visited us for our monthly check up and we were very energetic in our exercises!

We also enjoyed an arts and social afternoon, some poetry and some of us worked on our scrapbooks and enjoyed remembering past events.

Jenny, Tony, Joy and Pat worked hard!

Joy and Pat.

Ann and Dorothy touching their toes!

Pat  laughed out loud at the Pam Ayres poem ‘I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth!’

Rod worked on his scrapbook and enjoyed reminiscing.

Ann and Pat busy colouring as Dorothy and Jenny watch on.

Joan loved looking at her photos and reminiscing.

On Thursday 7th. April it was time for flower arranging.

Jenny, and Pat, busy with the flowers.

Ann’s fabulous smile as she finishes her vase!

Our lovely Bessy also celebrated her Birthday with a fabulous cake presented by Bev!

On Friday 9th, April we enjoyed ballgames and scrapbooking in the morning then had a skittles competition during the afternoon.

Daphne went first!

Sheila, Daphne, Ann, Jenny and Joy enjoyed the game.

Dawn helps Pat take aim.

Ann gets ready!

Cheeky imitates a skittle!