Residents enjoyed a trip to the farm this week – see Friday!

On Monday 5th. April we enjoyed a word search and a quoits game.

Elwyn and Joan take their turn!

On Tuesday 6th. April we enjoyed some ball games and an individual word search competition which Evelyn was proud to win!

Elwyn and Pat enjoyed some ball games.

Evelyn won the individual word search competition!

During the afternoon we enjoyed Film Club with popcorn.

On Wednesday 7th. April there was a skittles challenge and we enjoyed a few rounds of ‘Woodlands Hangman.’ During the afternoon Susie our volunteer did the Giant Crossword which the residents enjoyed.

Beatrice, Tess and Angela played.

Edith’s aim was true!

The ‘GCW!’ with our lovely volunteer Susie!

Tess enjoyed looking at what she described as a ‘lovely book’ a spiritual magazine with lovely images  from the ‘Hope’ charity.

On Thursday the 8th. April the hairdresser visited and we enjoyed an energetic chair-based exercises activity as well as arranging the fresh flowers into 6 beautiful vases.

Diane and Kath T.  ‘swim’ during arm exercises.

Arms up all!

Elwyn worked hard but enjoyed it!

Busy with the blooms!

Patricia enjoys flower arranging.

The finished vases!

Elaine enjoys arranging the flowers.

Patricia’s finished vase ended up gracing our reception area!

During the afternoon we enjoyed a musical sing-a-long karaoke session and then some of us enjoyed some fresh air with a walk in our lovely gardens.

Iris loved the sing-a-long karaoke.

Diane, Elaine, Kath T, Len, Irene and Pat in the garden.

They stopped to admire the Remembrance cherry tree planted this time last week!

On Friday 9th. April we did our chair-based exercises followed by a Weather words and phrases quiz.

Beryl doing the arm exercises.

Diane and Pat show how it’s done!

A British preoccupation discussing the weather!

During the afternoon some of us enjoyed a real taste of the country with a trip to a local farm to see the young lambs. They loved seeing the sweet lambs gambolling with their Mothers, the green fields, and hawthorn blossom in all the hedgerows. They enjoyed a change of scene with fresh air, the peace of the countryside and a nice cup of tea and cake during a picnic on the bus!

At the farm, Sylvia, Kath T, Diane, Pat and Len.

Refreshments on board!

Pat, Kath T and Len.

Elaine, Kath T, Pat and Len looking for ‘Baa Baa Blacksheep!’

Country bus!

A Spring lane view just down the road from Woodlands!

On Saturday 10th. April we enjoyed a lively balloon bounce and then were entertained by Louis with a lovely piano sing-a-long.

Kath M.

Fun with the punch balloon!

Shown here, Tess, Daphne, Mary, Irene and Kath T.

Daphne, Mary, Irene and staff joined in with the sing-a-long!

Irene enjoyed a bop!

It was a happy, lively morning!

Peter enjoyed it so much he came over and  thanked fellow pianist Louis!

In the afternoon as it was community garden week we had planned to pot our seedlings, however it was both cold and wet so we did our gardening indoors!

Kath T, Pat, Tess and Elaine planted carrot, lettuce and sunflower seeds.

Tess busy planting the sunflower seeds.

Pat watered the seedlings with Kath T, once planted.

We also watched the Grand National race and followed the horses we had got in a random draw earlier in the day.

Both very pleased with their prizes: Pat had the winning horse ‘Minella Times’ and Elaine the second placed horse ‘Balkos Des Flos!

On Sunday 11th. April we enjoyed a lively Sunday sing-a-long and Peter played piano for us.

Beryl and Diana our lovely new lady enjoyed the sing-a-long.

Peter played for us!

During the afternoon we did an ‘A for April’ quiz and enjoyed a walk in the garden where it was bright but a tad chilly, so we came in for a nice warming cup of tea shortly afterwards.

Diana meets an old friend Iris!

‘A is for April’ Quiz.

Diana checks out the garden and makes some new friends!

Elaine, Kath T, Sylvia , Pat, Diane and Len.

Len, Diana, Kath T, Sylvia, Diane and Pat in the Sunday afternoon sunshine.

Diana had a nice chat with Sylvia.

Sylvia, Diane and Pat.