On Monday 12th. April we enjoyed morning exercises and some pampering with the care staff, then during the afternoon it was time for Film Club. The hair dresser also visited.

On Tuesday 13th. April we did chair-based exercises, followed by a few rounds of the ever popular Hillbrow Hangman game. During the afternoon we completed the Giant Crossword.

Tony and Helen show how it’s done during chair-based exercises!

Footwork by Dorothy!

Pat enjoyed the hangman game.

Daphne looking on at the Hangman game.

Time for a giggle during the game – Dorothy and her good friend Ann!

It was a chilly day but Tony went out (wrapped up well) for a short while for some fresh air!

Didn’t we do well!?  – Ann and Jenny show off the completed crossword!

On Wednesday 14th. April we enjoyed the ‘Conversation Box’ reminiscence game, some scrapbooking and chair-based exercises.

Daphne was energetic!

Pat does the hand jive during the chair-based exercises and Ann fully participates!

Jill enjoyed looking at her scrapbook.

Helen was supported in reminiscing with her scrapbook too.

Daphne contributes during ‘Conversation Box.’ This activity works well at Hillbrow it encourages social interaction, conversation, reminiscence and memory.

During the afternoon we were delighted to meet Daniel and Matilda the 2 lovely Shetland ponies for some unique animal therapy.

Alison introduces Matilda to Joy and Dorothy.

Joy pets Matilda with Dorothy and Ann.

Helen with Daniel and Sophia.

Dorothy and Joy with Matilda.

Rod pets Daniel.

Tony meets Matilda and Ann tries ‘Pony whispering!’

Pearl loved Daniel!

Pat pets Daniel,  both in starry tops!

Jenny giggling as she met Matilda!

Jill loved meeting Matilda!

Animal attraction – Cheeky chose Pats’ lap later in the day!

Joy on her daily garden walk weather permitting!

On Thursday 15th. April Rebecca visited us during the morning for our weekly physiotherapy session, then during the afternoon we enjoyed flower arranging and a reminiscence activity all about the Titanic which tragically hit and iceberg and sunk this day back in 1912.

Tony participated in the flower arranging

Tony, Sheila, Dorothy (out of view) and Ann.

Dorothy with RMS Titanic picture.


Tony with copy of original Titanic boarding pass.

Daphne with a picture of the richest passenger on board Sir John Jacob Astor.

Rod with picture of the Titanic ship wreck on the seabed as it is today.


On Friday 16th. April we enjoyed Poetry Club and ‘Spelling Bee’ challenge.

Tony always enjoys reading poetry.

Tony, Ann, Dorothy and Jenny all concentrating hard on the spelling challenge.


During the afternoon we were delighted to visit a local sheep farm near Farnham owned by a colleague to see the lovely lambs with their Mothers gambolling in the field. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and residents had a real taste of the country which was just down the road!

Ann and Dorothy meet the sheep and lambs!


Good friends giving each other a helping hand in the field!

On Saturday 17th. April residents gathered together to watch HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral on TV.

A celebration of the Duke’s life on display.

Bev sits with the residents to watch the funeral.

Bev and the residents were very honoured watching  Bev’s son, Henry who was part of the Royal Navy Piping party at the funeral. It was an exceptionally proud moment for Bev.

Henry is the middle sailor in uniform, with Princes William, Andrew, Edward and Harry also shown here. Afterwards the Queen came and shook hands with Henry.


On Sunday 18th. April, we enjoyed a Sunday morning social with the carers and the Sunday papers and then during the afternoon it was Film Club.