On Monday 12th. April we started the week energetically with our chair-based exercises, followed by a quiz about flags since it was ‘Union Jack Flag’ day acknowledging the first proper use of our beloved Union Jack flag back on 12th. April in 1606. Residents also learnt a little of the history of the Union Jack flag.


Sylvia correctly identified the Royal Standard Flag.


Arms up for exercises – Pat, Diane, Beryl, Beatrice and Len!

John our lovely new gentleman resident did some chair-based leg exercises in his room.

Len worked hard!

During the afternoon we enjoyed a word search, where we managed a very creditable 230 words from the phrase ‘April Showers!’


Diana enjoyed arranging some beautiful flowers received from a relative in her room.


On Tuesday 13th. April we enjoyed the apple box game, played Woodlands Hangman and had some Spring themed quizzes. During the afternoon we enjoyed dominoes and board games.

Mary enjoyed the game!

Elaine and Kath T. play dominoes.


On Wednesday 14th. April the chiropodist visited us or our monthly check up and then during the afternoon we enjoyed quoits and puzzles.

Iris and Arthur played.


Diana had a go at a puzzle.


Pat and Diane got busy with the puzzles.


On Thursday 15h. April Rebecca visited us for our weekly physiotherapy session and the hairdresser Denise was at woodlands too. We additionally enjoyed arranging the fresh flowers during the morning and made the most of a bright but chilly morning in the garden with a stroll before lunch.


Patricia, Diane, Diana, Iris, Beatrice, Kath T, Sylvia, Pat, Beryl and Tess participated.


Kath T. and Angela enjoyed arranging the flowers.


Beatrice –  Pat and Diana were a good team.


Amazing finished vases for display throughout the home!



During the afternoon we reminisced about the Titanic as it was on that fateful night on 15th. April 1912 that it sunk, after hitting the iceberg. Armed with their boarding passes, residents were interested to learn some amazing facts about the ‘Ship of Dreams’ and about its passengers and crew. They learnt about the wonderful menu First class passengers enjoyed but weren’t so sure to hear that in third class there was only 2 bath tubs for 77 passengers!

They enjoyed seeing some clips from the famous Movie over a cup of tea, or glass of wine if they wished and also did a quiz which featured well known sayings with nautical origins.


Pat with RMS Titanic picture.


Arthur with picture of the wealthiest passenger aboard Sir John Jacob Astor.


We also enjoyed a walk and a short sit in our lovely garden, it was bright but chilly!

Beatrice, Pat, Kath T. and Len.

Diana and Patricia both looking lovely having enjoyed a visit to the hairdresser Denise.


On Friday 16th. April we worked hard at our chair-based exercises and then a word wheel in which  as a group, we managed an amazing 103 words from ‘Bowlerhat.’

Muriel did so well at the arm exercises!

Peter touches his toes!

Diana and Diane were a good team and encouraged each other!

Iris was ace at the ankle exercises!

Word wheel 103 words!!!! – We only stopped because it was lunchtime


During the afternoon we celebrated the life of Charlie Chaplin who was born 16th. April 1889.

Residents learnt about his poverty stricken childhood, rise to stardom and contribution to film making. They also enjoyed watching one of his most famous films ‘The Kid.’

Woodlands Charlie Chaplin!

Mary recognised Charlie Chaplin and Beryl loved the bowler hat!

Tess thought he was a handsome man!


Some of also enjoyed a walk in our lovely gardens!

Irene, Kath T, Pat and Len.

A view of our lovely garden our residents enjoy so very  much!

Pat admired a couple of the lovely camellias we have blooming in the garden!


On Saturday 17th. April we enjoyed Louis playing the piano for us for our Saturday sing-a-long and then during the afternoon a lot of chose to watch HRH Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral on TV.


On Sunday 18th. April we enjoyed some pampering during the morning and then with a lovely afternoon of Spring sunshine some of us enjoyed the fresh air and garden with a walk and later tea in the courtyard.

Rachel gives a Diana a manicure.

Len and Iris by the well in the garden.

Beryl, Len, Kath T, Pat and Sylvia made the most of the sunshine!