On Monday 19th. April we started the week with our chair-based exercises, followed by a word search based on the phrase ‘Elbow grease’ reflecting the Spring Cleaning reminiscence theme for the day. We managed an amazing 141 words in total from this phrase – well done residents!

Tess, Irene, Elwyn, Elaine, Pat, Sylvia, Kath T. and Diana during the exercises.


Word Search second side!


During the afternoon we met ‘Mrs Mop’ and enjoyed an afternoon of reminiscence about Spring Cleaning, the days when there was a designated ‘Wash Day,’ the old products, methods and equipment used. We thoroughly enjoyed the Spring sunshine, tea and cake and even a cheeky Pimms (for those that wanted) heralding the start of being able to spend more time in our lovely gardens!

The joys of ‘Brasso!’ with Pat and Kath T.


Tess demonstrates the ‘Wash Dolly!’


John remembered the washboard and Lonnie Donegan the King of Skiffle!


Pat and Kath T. enjoyed a Pimms the first of the season!


Sylvia remembered the mangle and Diana ‘Reckitt Bag Blue’ to make your whites brighter!


Evelyn with Wash Dolly.


On Tuesday 20th. April we had an energetic morning with goal scoring and the parachute game that was great fun and got us all laughing!

Our 2 Irish ladies Irene and Mary were good at scoring goals!


Goal as scored by Sylvia!


All the fun of the parachute game!



We also did some colour therapy for St. Georges Day.

Mary enjoys art.


Elaine, Len, Pat, Sylvia and Tess got creative.


Kath T. helped make some St. George’s mascots!


During the afternoon some of us enjoyed a bus trip to Ellisfield. It was a lovely drive and apart from ducks nesting on the pond in the village we must have seen about 25 pheasants as we drove through the pretty country lanes. We had hoped to see the bluebells but they weren’t out yet in the woods we normally go to. However, we enjoyed refreshments onboard and saw the ducks. Everyone very much enjoyed the change of scene and the Spring countryside.

There were three Mother ducks sitting on their eggs on the island!


On Wednesday 22nd April, we enjoyed a skittles challenge during the morning and then it was Film Club with popcorn during the afternoon.

Angela participated in the skittles.


Diana took her turn.


Beatrice was the eventual winner!


On Thursday 22nd. April Rebecca visited us for our weekly physiotherapy session and we enjoyed arranging the fresh flowers. Some of us also decorated cup cakes for St. George’s Day celebrations for tomorrow.

Kath T, Patricia and Beatrice enjoyed arranging the flowers.


Iris, Joan, Edith and Beryl decorated the cup cakes for St. George’s Day.




A patriotic display for St. George’s Day.


On Friday 23rd. April it was St. George’s day and we started the morning with Medau rhythmic exercises and then were challenged to a group memory game where everything was red/white or blue. We were sceptical about being able to remember much at all when we first viewed the items and talked about them, but then managed to remember 10 items as a group and then with clues the rest of the 17 items in total – Well Done!

Pat, Irene and Mary try to take everything in during the Memory game.


Red,white and blue memory game.


Tess waves the George Cross!

During the afternoon we enjoyed a special St. George’s event in our sun bathed court yard. We laughed as ‘St. Georgina’ defeated the evil dragon as both staff helped by residents depicted the
famous legend in the Spring sunshine.

We also enjoyed an English landmark quiz and at teatime beers, wine, Pimm and G and T’s along with St. George’s Day cupcakes with tea as preferred.

The afternoon concluded with a patriotic sing-song of St. George’s Day favourites such as ‘Rule
Britannia’ and ‘Jerusalem!’ We sang patriotically with gusto in the sunshine. Some of us enjoyed the afternoon so much we even thanked the staff afterwards.

Tess was patriotic!


Enter the dragon!


St. Georgina prepares to do battle!


Pat deserved an Oscar for her role as the princess!


High action thriller!


Residents were engrossed!


The dragon tries to escape with the princess for his dinner!


St. Georgina at last smites the evil dragon down!


The cast take a bow and receive good applause!


Arthur and Beryl raise a glass for St. George’s Day!


St. George’s day drinks!

Kath T. becomes St. Georgina!


Kath T larks about!


Peter and Len looking patriotic!


On Saturday 24th. April we enjoyed a lively morning with Louis playing the piano for a Saturday sing- a-long. Then during the afternoon in glorious Spring sunshine we did the Giant Crossword outside in our lovely courtyard garden plus a few rounds of garden themed Hangman!

Saturday piano sing-a-long.


Pete, Beatrice and Iris were all in good voice!


Diana and Irene.


Edith really enjoyed the sing-a-long.


Sunny Saturday Crossword challenge alfresco!


Eileen enjoyed some fresh air in the garden with Jay Jay.

On Sunday 25th. April we did some scrap-booking and also a word search in which we managed 83
words from ‘Jerusalem’ to conclude our St. George’s theme.

Tess finished her St. George and the dragon picture.


After a delicious roast beef dinner, as it was once again a lovely sunny bright afternoon we donned our sunhats once more and went out in the garden for a Sunday afternoon sing-a-long.

Diane, Sylvia, Pat, Beryl and Len.


Pat, Beryl and Irene enjoyed the sing-along in the sunshine!