On Monday 26th. April we started the week with our chair based exercises followed by a ‘Bird words’ quiz and ‘Hidden Birds’ anagram challenge. During the afternoon we sat down to a word search and achieved an amazing 164 words from the phrase ‘Birds Nest Soup!’ Some of us also enjoyed reminiscing as we worked on our scrapbooks.


Word search: ‘Birds nest Soup!’




Mary, Diana, Diane, Kath T and Tess doing leg exercises.


Len singing as he exercised!


Volunteer Susie helps Beryl with her scrapbook.


On Tuesday 27th. April we played quoits during the morning and enjoyed the Giant Crossword during the afternoon.

John played quoits.


The finished Giant Crossword!


On Wednesday 28th. April we enjoyed the Medau rhythmic exercises to music and then got creative with some colour therapy with bird pictures.


Edith and Angela participated well during the exercises!


Arms up ladies!

Mary colours in a very detailed hummingbird.



Mary’s finished picture and Len busy!


John and Diana.


On Thursday 29th. April Rebecca visited us for our weekly physiotherapy session, Denise the hairdresser visited andwe arranged the fresh flowers.


Residents always work hard during the physiotherapy sessions.


Tess, Joan and Peter doing arm exercises.

Diane smells the flowers….


And then gets busy arranging them!


Diana used to arrange the flowers at her local church.


Mary and Angela.



Evelyn invited good friends for tea, cakes and sherry in her room!


Tess went for a walk and checked the progress of this years’ seedlings.


During the afternoon we started a mystery birds quiz and then were visited by little Evie Rose a 4 week old orphan lamb very kindly brought to the home by our staff member Nicki. We were all delighted to meet, pet her and evengive her a bottle of milk!


Daphne and Mary meet a little lamb!


Iris and Arthur feed Evie-Rose.


Pat, Patricia and Sylvia loved Evie-Rose.


Evelyn met Evie-Rose in her room.


Iris welcomes Evie-Rose.


John with Evie-Rose.


Elwyn and Beryl.



Peter meets Evie-Rose


Iris during Part 1 of bird quiz told me she loves robins!



Joyce enjoyed having her hair done and then stayed for the bird quiz.


On Friday 30th. April we completed a lively exercise class during the morning and then in the afternoon we enjoyed Part 2 of our mystery bird quiz. We started out in the garden but as the rain threatened we had to come in! This was as well as a quiz all about songs and rhymes that feature different birds which was the chance for animpromptu sing-a-long too!


Diane always tries her very best at the exercises!


Tess enjoyed a dance with Reimond after lunch!


Finding bluebells at woodlands! – Beatrice, Pat, Sylvia, Tess and Len.


And the sun came out!


Tess loved the humming-bird.


Peter with dodo and Kath M with ostrich.


Edith with greater spotted woodpecker and Beryl with siskin.



On Saturday 1st May we enjoyed a lively ball game and then were entertained by Louis with the Saturday morningpiano sing-a-long.


Muriel enjoyed herself in the ball game!



Piano sing-along with Louis.

On Sunday 2nd. May we enjoyed a Sunday social with the carers, played Woodlands hangman and enjoyed walks inthe garden.