On Monday 10th May we enjoyed our chair-based exercises and then our residents participated in some yummy doughnut tastings as it was National Doughnut week.

(It was also National Vegetarian week and for lunch one day this week we enjoyed delicious ratatouille and savoury rice for a vegetarian lunch. )

Iris and Joan also taking part in the exercises today.

Iris going to tuck into her Oreo Doughnut.

Sylvia and Pat deciding which one to have.

Beryl looks very pleased with her choice.

Sylvia and Diana completing puzzles always a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Our lovely volunteer Susie teaching Kath and Irene how to play Backgammon.

Tuesday 11th May we started the day with a game of Skittles followed by Parachute Games and in the afternoon our Volunteer Margaret did a crossword quiz with our residents.

Pat, Beatrice, Diana, Kath, and Iris eagerly awaiting the start of the skittles.

Good throw Beatrice

Joan heading for a strike.

Looks like fun.

Everyone looks like they are having lots of fun.

Our eager residents trying to guess the word for Hangman.

Our Volunteer Margaret doing the Giant Crossword.

All concentrating trying to guess the word.

Peter our resident Pianist looking very happy as always.

Over the last couple of days, our residents have been very busy

Our Physiotherapist had a full class today everyone keen to join in.

Look at our ladies Patricia, Iris, Sylvia, Diane, and Beatrice all enjoying the exercises.

All eagerly waiting for the next exercise.

Diana and Kathleen having a quick chat before they start flower arranging.

Tessa arranging the flowers.

Kathleen has now joined the ladies.

Tessa looks like she has nearly finished.

Beautiful vase Kathleen

Friday 14th May we started the day with our daily exercise routines.

Our Carer showing our residents how to do the exercises.

Beryl, Kathleen, Pat.

John, Sylvia, Pat and Diana

Looking very active everyone.

Our weekends activities kept our residents fit and happy.

Great throw Diana

Go one Kath you can do it

Len lining up his shot

Well done Muriel 3 down with your first ball.

Only 6 more to get Beryl

Eyes down Diane and Kathleen

Sylvia helping out Beatrice making sure she hasn’t missed any numbers, and Pat ready for the next number to be drawn.