On Monday 31st. May Spring bank holiday it was a glorious day so after chair-based exercises in the morning and a  sing-a-long first liners quiz, we spent the afternoon in the garden. Here we had a lovely virtual trip to theatre land to listen to the music of and reminisce about our favourite musicals!

Energetic even on a bank holiday!

Jean and Mary did particularly well at the exercises.

Nice day for a virtual swim with Sylvia, Iris, pat and Kath T!

It was ice-cream time in the ‘interval’ of our musical reminiscence activity! – With Irene, Kath T, Pat, Jean and Len!

Len and Jean recalled ‘The King and I’

Iris loves the music of the musicals!



On Tuesday 1st. June on a lovely sunny day we did our ball games in the garden, followed by cooling and hydrating fresh milkshakes at it was ‘World Milk Day’ We enjoyed a quiz all about milk and learnt facts like a cow produces on average 6.3 gallons of milk every day!

Kath T, Diane, Beatrice, Pat and Sylvia enjoyed the outdoor games.

Peter takes aim!

Pat enjoyed her fresh milkshake!

Edith and Diane.

George also enjoyed some time in the garden.

Peter was very interested in the milk quiz and facts.


During the afternoon we were outside again this time for an alfresco word search.

On Thursday 3rd. June we did our chair-based exercises outside in the morning sunshine and played Hangman alfresco.

It was lovely to do, our exercises alfresco!

Kath T, Pat, Beatrice, Irene, peter (out of shot) and Tess ‘swim!’ during exercises.

Daphne, Peter, Diane, Pat and Iris enjoying the garden.


During the afternoon we welcomed the lovely pygmy goats back to Woodlands.

Diane meets the goats as Pat looks on.

Iris and Joan meet the goats with Alison!

Patricia and Muriel.


Angela and Iris happy florists!

Edith and Joan amongst the blooms.


Iris with the finished vases!


On Friday 4th. June on a rather wet morning we explored the leafy lanes of Hampshire and Surrey and went for a drive to Tilford and Frensham and enjoyed tea, coffee and cakes in the minibus.

Irene enjoyed tea onboard.

Beatrice at Frensham Pond – it was a day for the ducks!

Len onboard!



JUNE 4TH. 2021

During the afternoon we celebrated National Cheese Day with a cheese and wine party.

We enjoyed a quiz, cheese facts and word search as we enjoyed a glass of red or white wine,

(or soft drink if preferred) and sampled different cheese with crackers.

Amongst the cheeses we tried and enjoyed were Stilton, Brie, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester and Cheddar.


Daphne, Mary and Arthur enjoyed a glass of vino!


Joyce loved all the cheeses whilst Jean’s favourite was the stilton.

Kath T.  with her favourite cheese which she said was gorgonzola.

Tess with ‘Little Miss Muffet’ nursery rhyme which mentions curds and whey used in cheese making.


On Saturday 5th. June we enjoyed a game of quoits and then made yummy Rocky Road tray bake (Wednesday was National Rocky Road day apparently!)

On a lovely sunny warm afternoon Gardening Club was in full swing planting a strawberry, some kale plants, watering our lettuce and sunflowers and tidying up the vegetable garden area.

Afterwards we enjoyed tea and the Rocky Road cake we had made earlier.

Sylvia and Pat have a go.

Jean and Joan tried their luck.

Sylvia was the overall winner with 200 points!

Biscuit bashing with Beatrice and Diane!

Preparing the mixture.


Our finished Rocky Road ready for chilling and then eating!


Pat and Tess plant the strawberry.

Sylvia tidies up and Pat puts in the kale.

Making friends in the garden Eileen and Pat.

Arthur and Len.