On Monday 14th. June we enjoyed a pamper morning and Biju entertained us with his guitar for a sing-a-long.

Jenny having a laugh as well as singing during the sing-a-long.


On Tuesday 15th. June we did our chair-based exercises and then during the afternoon it was time for the Giant Crossword.

Ann, Dorothy and June stretch arms during the gentle exercises.


Some of us also enjoyed working on a puzzle.

Mags enjoyed the puzzle.


On Wednesday 16th. June we participated in a word search, and then later enjoyed cupcakes with our tea as it was Alzheimer’s Society Cup Cake day. During the afternoon participated in our ever popular Art and Social club.

Residents enjoying the word search.

Hillbrow residents really enjoy the weekly art and social club.

Tony’s colourful butterfly image.

Tony also enjoyed a sunshine filled visit with his daughter!


On Thursday 17th. June we had our weekly physiotherapy session with Rebecca during the morning and we also arranged the fresh flowers.

Hillbrow residents concentrating hard during the weekly physiotherapy class.

Lovely smiles during flower arranging!

Thirsty work!

Ann, Mags, June, Jenny and Dorothy Hillbrow florists!


During the afternoon we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon tea as we donned our hats for ‘Ladies Day’ at Ascot.

Daphne models a fascinator!

Tucking into afternoon tea with delicious dainty cakes and tea!

Mags and Ann looking stylish!

Everyone participated in the fashion parade!

Sheila and Dorothy!


On Friday 18th. June we enjoyed some word games and our gentle exercises.

During the afternoon it was quiz time.

We managed an amazing 130 words from ‘Caernarvon Castle!’

Pat and Mags enjoyed the word game.

Daphne and Jenny enjoying the activity.


On Saturday 19th. June we enjoyed a word association quiz, Biju played for us and during the afternoon it was Poetry and Short Story Club.

Word Association.

Pat and Tony enjoy the word games.

Sheila participated.

Lovely smile from Jenny who likes the word games too.

Music time!


On Sunday 20th. June we enjoyed a Sunday social as we chatted to the carers and then Film Club during the afternoon.

Rod and Mags sat down to a puzzle.