Hydration Week


On Monday we started the week with our Chair Based Exercises, it’s a great way to keep our residents fit and healthy. We also had a word finder quiz followed by peaches and cream.


Sylvia, Pat, Diane and Kath look like they are getting into the groove.

Olive and Irene joining in

On Tuesday the residents chose which activities they wanted to do, they had a busy day with Famous Faces, Crosswords and a word wheel.

Princess Diana would have been 60 this week.

Everyone loves a quiz, Arthur, Peter, Beatrice and Pat taking part in the word wheel.

Wednesday was National Hydration Day, we had fruit and vegetables on show, we also did a quiz on hydration and then the residents then eat any of the fruit they wanted along with free-flowing drinks as its good to keep everyone hydrated.

Thursday, we have our Hairdresser and Physio therapist today, our residents love having their hair done.

Irene, Kath, Diana, Pat Sylvia, and Tessa all joining in with the exercises.

And here we have Patricia, Beatrice, and Peter.

Friday was a busy day with exercises, word search and word pairs.

Lovely flower arranging Joan.


Saturday and Sunday we have our lovely Louis playing the piano and our residents were happily singing along. On Sunday they played Bingo and watched a film with popcorn and drinks.

As you may know our activities leader Sally-Anne left on Monday to move down to Devon, we want to wish her all the best in her new adventures.