We started Monday with our exercise routine as you can see everyone is very keen today.

Len, Beryl and Pat.

Sylvia, Kathleen, Beatrice, Kath and Peter getting into the swing of it.


In the afternoon we did a flower Quiz and played games.

Iris having a go at throw the bag into the hole


Beatrice getting ready to see if she can score points.

Joan having some one-to-one activity

Tessa always enjoys colouring


Tuesday was a very busy day for everyone

Sylvia, Kath, Mary and Pat playing a game of Pairs.

Everyone with their musical instruments and song books, and we had Peter playing the Piano

Knit and Natter club all busy knitting away

Mary doing some squares


Wednesday was arts and crafts colouring in flags for Independence Day on Sunday.

They look good, Diane, Tessa and Peter


Thursday, we began with our Physiotherapist doing exercises with the residents.

Pat, Mary, Sylvia, Kath and Tessa doing the exercises.

Olive and Len doing exercises.

Doing the big crossword today.

Daphne, Joan and Beryl doing the vases for around the home.

Our new resident lovely smile Sylvia


Friday the residents enjoyed a visit from 8-week kittens, morning exercises and cupcake decorating.

Decorating the cupcakes Kathleen, Mary, Tessa and Olive being helped by Nisha

Kathleen with one of the kittens

Beatrice very happy to see the kitten

Olive patting the kitten


We had a busy weekend at woodlands

Beryl looks very pleased to have knocked down 4 skittles

Angela getting ready to throw

Saturday sing-a-long with Louis playing the piano

Len and Patricia

Kathleen enjoying her walk around our beautiful gardens

Joan enjoying the view and the fresh air

Tessa loves to help with planting and sewing seeds