We started Monday with our usual routine of chair-based exercises

Kath M and Mary joining in the exercises

Eyes down for a game on Bingo

Everyone eagerly checking their numbers and getting ready to say ‘Bingo’

Mary and Pat knitting away, might have to show Len how to knit:)

Balloon bounce great throw Olive

Wonderful smile Iris supporting our English football team


Edith joining in the ball bounce

Well done Diane and Beatrice who always joins in with the exercises

Our weekly physio exercise routine

Thursdays is Flower arranging day, our residents do lovely vases for us which are placed all around the home.

They look wonderful Angela

And so do these Kathleen

Sing-A-Long with Louis

Everyone having a lovely tome singing

Best of Friends Joan and Iris

Pampering afternoon nails look beautiful Daphne

Balloon Bounce Kathleen ready to hit the balloon.

Peter having a go, with Diane and Len looking on

The weekend was so busy with Ladies and Men’s Tennis finals and the Football on Sunday night.  We had Pimm’s, strawberries and cream on Sat and Sunday, and drinks trolley for the Football.

Cheers Peter

Beryl looking forward to the Pimm’s

Tessa and Len look like they have the jug to themselves

Angela having supper then going to watch the football.

Come on England!!

Mary and Pat with Carer Rachel

Aram and Olive having a little chat.

Our biggest fan of Sport Elwyn who is a Welsh man but he was happy to support England.