We have had a very busy week at Woodlands and it was great to finally have the nice weather back.

We started off Monday with morning exercises and lots of quizzes as our residents have told us they wanted more Quizzes; we are always open to suggestions regarding the activities and are grateful for the feedback from our residents.

Patricia, Olive and Sylvia doing a puzzle

Patricia and Sylvia play pairs game

Our residents Kath T, Pat, Diane, Sylvia and Patricia playing scrabble

Elwyn and his Care partner son Ian enjoying a chat.

Enjoying time out on our patio good friends Pat and Kath

Full table of our resident’s flower arranging

Eyes down for a game of Bingo

Tessa with JayJay helping.



On Tuesday we had apple tasting and today we now played “guess the drink”, no one could guess correctly Vimto, Shandy, Mango Juice or the Coke.

Beatrice choosing which drink to taste test

Kathleen looks pleased and Olive checking which one she would like.

Friday was Barbecue Day and what wonderful weather we had.

One of our newest residents Valerie

Our other new resident Gaynor with Irene, Angela and Beatrice keeping her company

Lovely smile from Sylvia

Our volunteer helper David asking Edith and Beryl what they would like to drink.

Iris with Joan waiting for ice creams to come

Irene and Gaynor having a giggle together with Olive in the background looking on

Residents enjoying ice creams and drinks under a bit of shade in our lovely gardens.