This week’s theme was the Olympics. We love to start our mornings with exercises and today we choose Music and Movement.


The staff love to join in too!!


Our Arts and Crafts Club decided to use coloured pens as they did colourful detailed images in afternoon. This activity really helps us keep our hands and fingers supple.


As it was such a lovely day some residents choose to do theirs outside in our beautiful gardens.

We always trying to beat our last score and this week we managed to get 130 words out of Olympic Games! We were pretty pleased.


We had a lovely afternoon playing Skittles. Each of us took turns. It was a close match but Maggie was the overall winner.

Every week we have fresh flowers delivered to the home. This gives us a great chance to get together and chat while we did our flower arranging into vases that are placed around the home. They look so lovely and smell wonderful.

We are so happy to be able to go out and about again on a regular basis. On Friday morning, we had trip out to Frensham little pond. The weather was fabulous, altogether an excellent trip out.

This has to be our photo of the month.


Friday afternoon our lovely Louis from Farnham Mill, came to play the piano for us. He always starts with the first half as a piano concert and finishes with good old sing a long. It was enjoyed by all.


There was lots of giggling going on with the Hillbrow word association this afternoon. Especially our lovely Pearl, at 101 she proved that her sense of humour is still on top form.

There was lots of laughter this morning while choosing and answering the questions from the Discussion Box. This is one of our favourite activities.