We have had a very sporty week this week at Woodlands as you nod to the Olympics. We do a variety of movement clubs and classes all through the week. This helps to keep our joints moving and us fitter.

As normal our week started with exercise and this week we chose Ball games.

Kath, Diane, Gaynor and Beryl taking part in ball bounce

We also had a targeted ball game where we see who scores the highest.  Let’s see what score Sylvia has got😊

One of our favourites is skittles! This always brings out our competitive side. Well done Beryl 3 down, 6 to go.



Peter having a pamper session, and in the background, we have Irene admiring her newly painted nails.

Our residents did very well making other words out of the main word ‘Dangerous’

Pat and Tessa having a dance together and Irene on her way out to have a lovely walk around our gardens.

Joan having a 1:1 with Carer Angela. Joan chose to go through her scrap book with so many lovely memories.

Quiz time with our Volunteer Ian. This is one of the many ways we keep our mind fit and active too.

Full concentration from everyone.


Balloon Bounce always brings out the child in us and is a favourite as it makes us laugh and giggle.

Our newest resident Jean joining in the activity.

One way we keep our fingers nimble is in our arts and crafts club. Tessa always likes the colouring in.

Sylvia, Kath and Gaynor waiting for our lovely Louis to play the piano for us. He always starts with a mini concert and then we cover all of our old favourites in a hearty sing a long.