Our theme this week was AFRICA

Our morning quiz was all things African from food, traditions, clothing and history.

Our word search topic was African Queen. We did really well I thought. These topics always give us so much to talk about and brings back memories of holidays and experiences.


The Discussion box activity was taken in the garden this morning to take advantage of the sunshine and being out in our beautiful gardens.

Our new resident Dennis recognised Petula Clark instantly.

We have fresh flowers delivered to all of our homes every week. It is a beautiful start to the day when we hold our flower arranging club.

As part of our them, we enjoyed viewing posters and a discussion about Africa. We were delighted to see some areas of the world on Google Maps.

Friday afternoon the staff and residents came together and enjoyed a BBQ, lots of food and drinks and not forgetting a little dancing too.

Our new resident Helen loves to play the piano every single day.

We worked well as a team Saturday morning to complete the giant crossword. In the afternoon we chatted away during our reminisce hour and then enjoyed ice creams.