We had our weekly delivery of fresh flowers and our talented ladies were busy arranging and displaying them around the home.

We like our Sunflowers, thank you Margaret and Jean


Lovely flower arrangement Iris


Eileen looks happy with flowers


Lovely smile Vicki


We started our week with exercises and then the residents played apple box games and Quoits which they enjoyed.

Aim and throw Daphne


Elwyn picking which colour to try and score

Beatrice with Kathleen looking on




Margaret likes to help out by handing out the biscuits at tea time as she likes to keep busy.


Kathleen joining in the fun



Patricia scored in the red zone and counting up the points


Margaret having a go at Quoits


Good try Diane


Here we have John looks like he has scored….


On Tuesday we started the morning doing exercises and ‘Coin a Phrase Quiz’

And in the afternoon table tennis without the net….


Joan in conversation with our Care Partner David who is also her son, we appreciate all help given by our Care Partners

Wednesday our residents had a good morning with Hangman and Nerf Guns, go one Fire Kath T.

Margaret taking aim what did she score?

Kath with Nerf Gun in hand ready to shoot

Determined look Pat, Mary looks scared!!!

Looks like Tessa is aiming for the red card


Ready steady shoot Jean



Thursday, we had a busy morning Physio with Rebecca and flower arranging always popular with our residents


Nice to see our residents keen to join in with Rebecca

Lovely sunny day to make the most of the sunshine as it’s been hiding…

Irene, Margaret and Len having a lovely glass of wine and a chat


Now you are probably wondering what is amusing our residents, the next photo will explain all…

Becky our Chef playing the piano, don’t give up your day job Becky …

Peter soon took over, a much better Musician, we do appreciate him playing for the residents, they always have a sing-a-long whilst he is playing.

Saturdays we have a sing-a-long with Louis playing the piano, and then a game of Bingo


Kathleen, Mary and Irene getting ready to sing

Sylvia and Gaynor


Sylvia and Patricia joining in


Our Chef Becky bought in ‘Henry’ to visit

Pets are always welcome as patting and stoking pets is good for our residents.



The look of ‘Love’

Patricia with Henry


Gaynor and Sylvia with Henry

Mary giving Henry some attention

Evelyn is very happy to see Henry.