We started the week with a morning of jokes and comic poems to celebrate National poet’s day

This our new resident Helen, Helen loves to play the piano for all the residents.

There was a serious conversation going on about who is the best British Poet.

Hillbrow residents enjoyed quizzes this afternoon

Wednesday afternoon we joined Hill House for a lovely BBQ and lots of singing. This was enjoyed by all, especially the wine.

June was obviously feeling chilly as she was wearing her woolly hat in August!!

For our arts and crafts group, we choose our adult colouring sheets. We love the colour and it is a good chance to have a natter.

We love our morning exercises, we have a variety of different classes to choose from. Today we did music and movement.

Ann and Ann are both camera shy 😊

Alison brought some rhubarb in so we made rhubarb crumble for supper.

Every week we have fresh flowers delivered to the home and our time arranging is always a highlight of ours. This is the finished result, stunning!

We played a ball game of target practice this afternoon. Ann was the winner.

Thursday morning physio everyone joins in.

Mary is very grateful for all the physio she receives.

Saturday afternoon we spent making our scrap-books ready to show our families. This gives us chance to remember all the activities we have done over the past week. We are always busy doing something!

Jenny can never be serious, especially when the camera is around.

Hilda was telling Madie, at home she loved to make Lemon drizzle cake, so what did we help Hilda make a lemon drizzle cake.

The finished product! Look at Hilda’s smiling face. It was delicious.