This week we welcomed our new resident, Audrey!

With that beautiful smile and great sense of humour she quickly become part of our Woodlands family!

Warm Welcome Audrey! We are so happy to have you with us!

With the weather being so nice we decided to do our jigsaw club in the garden this week.

We chose summer themed puzzles and had a nice chat about our favourite holidays and places we had visited while working very hard to put the pieces in the right place.

Gaynor proudly showing off her jigsaw

Lovely picture of your jigsaw Pat.

Patricia and Tessa enjoying the Activity in the sun.

Jean very happy with the puzzle she has completed.

We train our visual memory and improve the concentration by playing matching games.

Iris is doing so well matching the name with the famous face.

So is Tessa..

Playing with a friend always increase the chances of winning.

Good team work Diane and Pat

Margaret And Beatrice trying to match a couple of birds

This activity was very much enjoyed by our residents, Gaynor and Sue working together

A Big Thank you to our volunteer David who kindly donated two boards with pictures of 60’s which our residents loved it. They all had a good chat remembering the 60’s

Nice to remember the swinging 60’s, Kath and Pat look like they recognize a lot of pictures on the board.

Joan and Beryl look like they are having a great time remembering.

As the week went on, we still had the sunshine so our Volunteer Ian did a big crossword quiz with the residents.

So that everyone is included we also use I Pad’s for activities for our residents

Eileen taking a part in a quiz about Shakespeare

The residents love playing bingo, it feels like we are in a Bingo Hall with the numbers being called out on the TV.

Every Saturday we have Louis playing the Piano and our residents then sing a long to the tune.

Audrey, Irene and Margaret enjoying the music

The weekend we had board games, Domino’s was popular, Kathleen thinking about her next move.

Look at the concertation scrabble is a great game to keep the brain active.

Margaret one of our residents writing down the spellings that our residents have made out of a word wheel.

In August we celebrated the birthdays of Mrs Tankard and Mrs Jones

Happy Birthday Ladies!

We all wish you health and happiness!