This week at Woodlands our theme was Cowboy and Cowgirls celebrations with a BBQ on Friday.

We started Monday with our morning exercises. This is a great way to keep us energised and our joints flexible. This was followed with a Word game in the garden.

Lovely Sunny day on Monday so our Volunteer Susie did the crossword outside.

Kath, Diane, Sylvia and Kathleen

After the crossword our residents did some relaxing colouring outside or reading the paper.

Our knitting and natter club prepared wool for our next get together.

The therapeutic wrapping of wool keeps your hands busy

Joan looks very happy watching Vanja Crocheting.

Monday Afternoon we celebrated Evelyn’s 95th Birthday with a surprise lunch with her family.

Happy Birthday Evelyn from all of us at Woodlands

In our games session we played a favourite, we are getting really quite good at it.

Good Score Beatrice

Jean having a go with Diane picking up some tips 😊

Pat, Gaynor and Beatrice

Arts and crafts we made beautiful, colourful paper flowers. Looks very pretty Kath T

Irene and Audrey showing us their creations

Iris wanted to keep a hold them, as they look lovely.

Here we have Joan and Beryl very pleased with the artwork

Looks very nice Angela

Patricia with the paper flower a lovely shade of Green

Maggie with a Gold paper flower it looks fab. We will definitely use the clever craft to decorate when we have spring/summer party next year.

Our Physiotherapist Rebecca doing the weekly session with our Residents

Very active today ladies

Thursdays is Flower Club is no 1 on the calendar for our talented ladies.

Sylvia and Jean doing the finishing touches to their vase.

Lovely sunflowers Angela, Gaynor and Patricia

Kath T with Maggie

Olive, Sylvia and Jean doing a vase between them which are then placed around the home so everyone can enjoy them

Team work Ladies they all look wonderful Thankyou

Cowboy BBQ Friday

We always like a theme day at Woodlands so the staff were asked to wear checked shirts, neck ties and cowboy hats Yeeha

Nickie our Team Leader and her husband also run a sheep farm and kindly bought in Evie and Muley

Our residents loved seeing the sheep

Hope you enjoy the Pictures

Looking good Olive with Kirsten

Gaynor and Pat in the Photo booth with Debbie and Bev

Diane’s turn to have a photo taken

The weekend is here our residents have Balloon bounce and then Sing-A-Long with Louis which they look forward to every Saturday

Tessa having a little dance

A sunny afternoon out on the terrace is fully taken advantage of. A great chance to have a chat

Maggie likes to help so here she is helping with the quiz

Nickie also helped.