A lovely week of activities for our residents the highlight of the week was Lucy Lou, who came and sung to our residents, some of you may recognise her as our previous Resident Liaison Officer, she left the company to pursue her love of Singing.


Our Carer Asmita doing the exercises today.


Nice to see everyone joining in always a good start to the day.


Our residents played Bingo always a favourite always worth winning for the prize a Chocolate Bar 😊


Jean and Mary eagerly waiting for the next number.


Look at the concentration from Sylvia and Pat


All the team like to help with activities, here we have a very large crossword.


This is one of the most popular activates it makes them all giggle.


Ready steady Ladies

I wonder if Maggie got a hole in ONE!



Mary’s turn.



Kathleen giving it her best shot



Beatrice has it lined up and Audrey having a go at Hook-A-Duck



Nearly there Tessa


The audience waits for the afternoon entertainment.


Tessa’s already dancing


Entertainment with drinks and snacks what could be better.

Tessa enjoying some time with Bertie

Pat having a cuddle with Bertie

And Sylvia now having a cuddle

We beat out highest score on word wheel, 131 words were the new score