Monday 20th September – Sunday 26th September.

Our volunteer Jane loved a morning of word association, I think we all enjoyed it more.

Thank you for helping Jane.

We all enjoy the physio sessions here at Hillbrow!

We can all say everyone love a good cup of tea, Barbara is certainly enjoying hers.

Flower arranging is always a favourite until Dawn makes us name all the flowers

Everyone one at Hillbrow would like to welcome Mrs Pat Surey.

We all love a game of giant connect 4, even if we cant always reach the game 😊

Mrs Barabara Smallbone was waiting for her son to collect her, they were off to her Grandaughters wedding in the new forest.


This was a new quiz that we all enjoyed

How many comic book characters could we find?


We all welcomed our new resident Joan into Hillbrow.

We all enjoyed a cheese and wine afternoon, followed by our Lovely Louis playing the piano.

Welcome to our new resident Anita enjoying her glass of wine.

Welcome to Hillbrow.

Gentle exercises to start the day.

Pat is trying to reach the sky.

 Morning word association, we began with the word