A new week in Woodlands was started with some mind sharpening word wheel and Hangman. These are the favourite activities to do for the residents in woodlands.

We celebrated birthday of one of our residents and handed him the birthday cards that we all made together and celebrated his birthday.


Whenever we do parachute games the room fills with giggles and happy faces. So we started our Tuesday with parachute games and by the end we all were breathless with exercise and laughter.

In the afternoon we drew some scary looking pumpkins as started to get ready for the Halloween.


On Wednesday morning we had a visit from chiropodist so all of our residents gathered in our mini lounge and received this helpful treatment.

We started our cooking club again in woodlands and made some bread rolls to have with soup for supper. It was worth all of the mess and the residents even helped cleaning up after.

On Thursday morning we had a visit from physiotherapist. The residents did exercises to keep the joints supple and muscles loosened. We also went for a garden walk for some fresh air.

Our talented ladies did fresh flower arrangements and decorated our beautiful home with these bright and colourful flowers.


On Friday morning all eyes were down for bingo.

Hydration is key for a good health to aid in always keeping our residents hydrated we do a hydration trolley with fresh fruit juice and fruits. It is always enjoyed by everyone.

Whenever Louis plays piano the room is filled with joy, wonderful emotions and memories. We all sang our favourite songs with Louis and danced.

In the afternoon we had a card making club. We made handmade birthday cards for our friends and other resident.

Our deputy manager helped with making cards and they all turned out to be equally beautiful.

There is no better way to spend Sunday afternoon than getting pampered with a drink of choice followed by afternoon tea and cake.

Later we celebrated another birthday. The chef made lovely cake and our birthday girl.