What a week we had! We had loads of fun doing different activities. We celebrated our national baking week as it should be celebrated.

The eyes are always on the board for cross words. We never stop on just one game. It is an infinite process until it is lunch time. It is lovely to see the enthusiasm of the residents.

Helping our resident with the mind sharpening puzzle. We provide equal time for all of our residents.

It was the time for balloon bounce. The balloon was thrown to the residents very gently but the power they used to throw it back was pretty surprising. Nearly knocked my glasses off but was a good game.

A lovely morning fresh air and a chat is most needed sometimes. We can go on and on for hours.

Who wants some pizza!! Well we all do don’t we! Especially ones made with such a love and care.

Residents at woodlands loved to bake pizza. Our residents enjoyed them for supper.

We have a physiotherapist visit every Thursday. Our residents follow the instructions of the physiotherapist and keep their body moving. We all love to take a good care of our health and body.

“Flowers don’t tell, they show”

Our residents enjoy sitting around the table and helping with flower arrangement like a family. These lovely displays are then placed around the home for everyone to enjoy.

“I’d rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamond around my neck”

Every time we go for a walk we see something new in the lovely gardens around Woodlands. The different paths and areas can make us feel like nature explorers.

On national Apple Day we tasted different types of apples and apple ciders. Our residents loved the apple tasting but I would say they were more interested in ciders.

One of our residents stood in front of everyone and read us the fun facts of different animals. Activities like this help to build confidence in our residents.

Our residents have made loads of memories with us in Woodlands. The scrap book we make help us all to look back at the memories we have built together and relive the moments we have shared.

It’s bingo time! All eyes down

We all gathered in our lounge and settled down for bingo. We had our game mode on.

We all had a go at a game Quiotes and there was a tie between two of our residents.

Eventually the game was won with 200 points. The whole game was very interesting and lots of fun.