We are really enjoying being about to go out a bit more now we are protected from Covid. We had a lovely trip to visit our friends at Farnham Mill. An enjoyed looking at the ducks on the Mill Pond.

There is still warmth in the morning sunshine so our garden walks are still in our list of activities.

We do exercises at least 4 times in a week. It is very important to keep our body active and the best time to do it is in the morning.

We played lots of board games including crosswords, hangman and word wheel. The residents find these games very interesting and get very competitive indeed.

We made our favourite sandwiches in our cooking club last week. Residents really enjoyed this session as they
talked about what they used to make for their children. This led to lots more conversation.

We have physiotherapy sessions as every week. The residents gathered around in the dinning room and followed the instructions of our physiotherapist.

A Men’s Clubs get together to discuss the paper….

We love flower arranging. The residents helped to decorate our home with these lovely and fresh flower. While arranging the flowers we also did flower Quiz.

We had a trip to one of our sister homes Farnham Mill. We walked around the pond and sat down for the delicious afternoon tea with our friends at Farnham Mill. We were welcomed with first class hospitality it was lovely to socialise with their residents. We had a lovely afternoon.

A heart warming reunion in Farnham Mill.