What a lovely and productive week we have had. With lots of games and activities. We have had a live entertainer, delicious food cooked in our cooking club and joined together on the Remembrance Day. As well as our normal arts and crafts, quizzes etc. 

On our arts and crafts class, we made poppy flowers this week. This brought many memories back to our residents and they chatted for hours about what difficulties they had to face during World War II. 

We had an entertainer (Steph) sing for us. She sang 30’s and 40’s songs. She took our residents back to those times which brought great joy and sadness. One of our residents got a bit emotional but that is what a good song and a singer does. 

Our residents look after each other as one of our residents wrapped up her friend in a blanket to keep her warm. This is the type of love we get to see in Woodlands everyday. 

We had a lovely guest (Bertie) in our home. He is a therapeutic dog and was very nice and cuddly with our residents. The residents loved him as their own and do wish to see him again soon. 

As every week our residents did exercises with the physiotherapist. Our residents love to exercise and keep themselves healthy. 

We all do agree that it is starting to feel a lot like Christmas is coming as we could wait no longer and made this delicious Christmas pudding together. The residents were so invested in making the pudding which has been cooked and is kept in a safe place. The residents will be feeding it brandy until it’s time to be eaten. 

We got these beautiful flowers delivered as every week and our residents were kind enough as always to help with arranging them and place the beautiful displays all around the home. 

We do our chair based exercises at least three times a week. We sing songs while exercising and make it more fun. 

On Saturday our residents gathered in the lounge and sang together while our talented Louis played the piano. They have beautiful voices and it is amazing how they know the lyrics of each and every song so well. 

Hydration is the key to a good health. Despite of the cold weather, it is very important to stay hydrated. We served a plate of different hydrating fruits to each of our residents regularly which they really enjoy. 

We were off grocery shopping with one of our residents. We bought some goods needed for our cooking club. She walked around and bought herself some chocolates as well. Small acts like these help our residents feel productive and helpful. 

On Remembrance Sunday we had 2 minutes silence and watched the live tv coverage on BBC. 

After which we had a lovely Afternoon Tea in the finest china. It was a lovely spread of delicious cakes. 

One of the residents said “This is very posh, we feel like we are in a very fancy restaurant”. It was lovely to see their smiles. 

In the afternoon the movie of the week was Calamity Jane.