Another week passed already! The days seem to be passing quickly when we are busy doing different activities throughout the week.

One of the favourite games of our residents of Woodlands is Bingo. They all gather in lounge and settle down with a clip board, pen and their numbers. This week we received help from one of our lovely volunteers.


Last week we had a dog for pet therapy but this week we had these lovely, friendly goats. The residents loved their company. They all had a good laugh.

We rebooked our talented performer, Natasha. She dressed up for the performance and brightened the day of our residents. We have entertainer every other week for our residents and they all look forward to it indeed.

Autumn has touched Woodlands. The nature of Woodlands appears to be even more beautiful and our residents enjoy a walk in the garden.

‘A talented group of ladies working on the jigsaws together’. No matter what is happening the residents of Woodlands always work together. This jigsaw was completed in no time.

Thursday mornings we have physiotherapy sessions and hairdresser appointments.

A big thumbs up from the residents after their beautiful makeover.

We made Bakewell tart in our cooking club last week. We followed the BBC’s recipe and they tasted absolutely delicious. We wouldn’t change a thing about the pudding.

Flower arranging brought us together and smiles on our faces as always.

We also had a very crafty afternoon. The residents played with water colours and created these. They also learned to make these small boats out of a piece of paper and wrote their names on their cruisers.