We are just 5 days away from Christmas!

The residents of Woodlands have had a busy week playing many games, cooking and being active both physically and mentally.

We started our week with chair-based exercises. We are having more residents join recently for the exercises. They enjoy it and the exercises have been helping them a lot with their mobility and doing daily activities.

We had Steph come and sing Christmas songs for us. The residents had a lovely time and sang along with her.

All Wrapped up to sing and listen the Christmas songs.

The residents did more chair-based exercise with the Physiotherapist. They ended the session with ball games followed by refreshing garden walks.

The residents were kind enough to help with flower arrangements. They decorated the vases beautifully in no time. Not only they helped with arranging flowers but they also helped with cleaning after they finished. They always work together as a family.

The residents solving a very difficult puzzle…

No matter how difficult the puzzle is they always stay patient and just keep on going.

The residents wrote Christmas cards to their loved ones.

They poured their hearts on a piece of paper and gave it to their family when they came to visit.

We had Alison’s lovely and very friendly goats visit us. The residents were so excited to see them and feed them. We walked the goats to the rooms and made sure everyone got to see them.

We finally finished the making of our Christmas cake!

We had made the mixture a month ago and last week we finally completed the icing and decorating. The residents were very proud of their work and so were all the staff.

On the weekend the residents played board games and many other games and continued with different chair-based exercise every other day.