Woodlands had a week full of Christmas celebrations. We went on a trip to Farnham Mill and had afternoon tea with some delicious cakes. We watched Christmas movies and sang Christmas Carols. We did Christmas arts and crafts and much, much more.

A week before Christmas we received many handwritten cards from the Fleet Infant School. They were written by the children of year 7. The residents found them adorable and wanted to send cards and best wishes in return. So, the residents of Woodlands started the week by making Christmas cards to send back their best wishes.

Woodlands was invited for a Christmas afternoon tea in Farnham Mill and we didn’t want to miss it as last time our trip to Farnham Mill was very enjoyable. We were again welcomed with a great hospitality. The residents gathered around lounge and enjoyed their afternoon tea with their friends at Farnham Mill.

After the afternoon tea some of the residents went for a walk in the beautiful gardens around Farnham Mill.

We are looking forward to visit Farnham Mill again.

The residents continued with their scrapbooks. One of our residents took his scrapbook home to show to his family on Christmas day, which he was very excited about.

On the Christmas eve, the residents made Christingles. In the afternoon “Twas the Night Before Christmas” was read to them while they enjoyed Sherry with mince pies.

One of our residents being Pampered and getting ready for the family get together.

Finally, it was the Christmas day. Some of the residents went out with their family for the whole day while some enjoyed their Christmas dinner with their  Woodlands family. Either way they did not miss out the celebration of Christmas this year.

They enjoyed delicious Christmas dinner with their choice of drinks. They had Christmas cake for the pudding which was made themselves 2 months ago.

Later in the afternoon, they watched Queens speech followed by a Christmas movie.

We had this lovely guest visit woodlands to wish us a happy Christmas. He showed up in a Christmas jumper and brightened the day of our residents. We find the pet therapy to be very helpful. We wish to have him again in our home.

The family of Woodlands wish you all a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the year 2022.