The Woodlands Family would like to wish you all a very happy new year. We hope all of your wishes are fulfilled in this new year.

The residents of Woodlands did not lack in the celebration of the new year. We spent the week playing games, doing exercises, arts, cooking and many more.

after the huge celebration of Christmas, we started our new week with chair-based exercises followed by exciting ball games. The chair-based exercises help with the mobility and helps our residents with their daily activities. They are always ready and excited about exercises as they  find them very beneficial.

A beautiful colouring done by one of our residents.

Colour therapy helps to keep our brains active, our finger nimble and it is very relaxing. It helps our residents to avoid overthinking and boredom, so is very good for their mental health.

In last week’s cooking club, we made these beautiful, delicious cupcakes. The residents always enjoy cakes and biscuits with their afternoon tea so none of these cupcakes went to waste. In our cooking club the residents showed great team work, as some did the icing while others worked on decorating the cakes. They enjoy chatting and reminiscing with each other, creating a great bond and end up talking about lots of different topics.

We had an entertainer sing and perform for us. He communicated with our residents throughout the performance and our residents loved it. Our residents stepped on the dance floor at the end and really enjoyed their morning.

As every week, we have beautiful flowers delivered to us. The residents were kind enough to help do the flower arrangement in different sized vases and jugs these are then displayed around the home.

On Sunday morning we continued with our morning exercises then played Quiots which is an interesting floor game. Most of the residents had a go and had a good laugh. They all got into their game spirit and it got a little competitive but we could have only one winner. She received chocolates as her prize, which made her day.