Our Woodlands family have had a wonderful start to a brand-new year. The residents stayed productive and have participated in many of the games and exercises we have on offer.

The residents especially love colour therapy. This is very good for dexterity and helps the brain remain active while also being relaxing. They all gather together and play with the colours. It is also a great chance to socialise with each other. They create a bond of friendship and alleviates loneliness.

The residents also like to muck in and do a jigsaw together. They help each other and completed a complicated jigsaw in no time. Some concentrate on the outline while others fill the central bits, what brilliant team work.

We could not miss out on our favourite game crossword. This game helps the residents to stay active mentally. We can see the excitement in the residents whenever there is a game of crossword or any board game like the word wheel or hangman.

We continued with our everyday chair-based exercises. The exercises help with their mobility. We also do a round of ball games after every exercise session. One to one exercise is done with the residents who are unable to join the group exercise classes.

It was time for our cooking club again.

The residents love cooking club and they are very good in it. They never fail to surprise the staffs with their enthusiasm. We made pizzas together which was a lot of fun.

As every week the residents were kind enough to help with the flower arrangement. We always have a healthy competition between the residents in all the activities they do and this includes the flower arrangements as the best vase is kept in the reception to be seen by everyone.

The residents also enjoyed a game of Bingo after their afternoon tea. As a prize the winners get a chocolate for every line they get and two chocolates when they get all the lines. The residents know that they do not need to win the game to enjoy the chocolates as they are always available but there is a different satisfaction in winning it.

Parachute game is also a form of exercise as they stretch their arms and stay active.

The week ended with a residents meeting.

In this meeting the residents gathered in the lounge and we discuss if there is anything they would like to improve or update. Alison talked about food, activities, care and many more. This meeting take place every month and it is wonderful to have everyone’s input.