At Woodlands, we celebrate diverse cultures by embracing their traditions.

We had an interactive trolley which included Chinese fortune cookies, red envelopes, lanterns, and fans showcasing the significance of these items in Chinese culture.

Our residents savoured selecting their fortune cookies and unveiling the messages within. This activity provided a delightful experience for all participants, fostering a sense of enjoyment and anticipation.

90th Birthday

Opening cards with our birthday girl early in the morning was a delightful experience. Her precious smile lit up the room as she opened each card with so much joy. It was heartwarming to see her enjoy quality time with her loved ones.

Making Chinese Lanterns.

We had a delightful afternoon as we prepared for our Chinese New Year’s celebrations. We had a great time participating in lantern making and colouring activities, which encouraged creativity and a deeper understanding of different cultures for our residents.


Mastering the Art of using Chopsticks

Our residents totally impressed us with their adeptness at learning chopstick tricks. Despite the inherent difficulty, they quickly mastered the skill.

Due to inclement weather, our planned trip to see the flowers from Woodlands had to be adjusted. Instead, we opted for the cozy and warm atmosphere of Tweseldown Pub. Our residents enjoyed their drinks and engaged in delightful conversations.

Making Valentine’s Day cards.

Gearing up for up for Valentine’s Day by crafting handmade cards. Some of our residents opted for sketching designs, while others got creative with stickers. The personalised touch ads warmth to the celebrations, fostering a sense of appreciation among residents.



We concluded the week with a delightful Chinese New Year setup, featuring a Chinese lunch for our residents.