We started this week with a wonderful treat from our lovely home manager and had tea with her! This is a good chance for residents to voice opinions and concerns to her and it is wonderful to spend time with her, we of course were treated to not only a lovely cup of tea but a wonderful selection of sweet treats!

We had our weekly group physio session; we enjoy this every week as it helps to keep our muscles and bodies active and fight back against things like stiff joints and aching muscles!


I like to move it. Move it!!

Sometimes we prefer to just relax with a nice book.

We were all overjoyed to see Tinkerbell this week, she really is a treat for us, and we love when she comes to see us and we can teach her new tricks!

We tried our hands at flipping pancakes…

They tasted delicious too!

We enjoyed a delicious Chinese meal! And it was tasty, for some of us this was our first taste of Chinese food, and we can definitely say it did not disappoint!

We enjoyed our weekly flower arranging session and even the staff joined to help us although they got a bit too silly! This is our favourite activity, and the staff gave us a lot of laughter!


Although the weather was sunny the air was chilly, so we wrapped up warm for our weekly outing to Ellisfield church to see the beautiful snow drops that grow there!

Word association time!

We enjoyed lots of visits from you this week and of course we were all smiles!

We truly do love seeing you all and it makes our weeks so much better!

Our beautiful ladies treated themselves to a trip to the hairdressers and they do look beautiful with their fresh hair!

Welcome to merlin club!

With a few avid bird watchers within Hillbrow and with the help of technology we would like to welcome you to merlin club! This app allows for our residents to track birds and record their calls! Although it was raining the merlin club wrapped up warm and went searching for their birds!

See you next week!