Our residents of Woodlands enjoyed a trip to Redfield’s Garden Centre, admiring all the Easter decorations. They savoured delicious cakes and hot drinks, enhancing the experience. The outing uplifted spirits and provided a refreshing change of scenery, fostering a sense of joy and well-being among everyone.

Such a beautiful Easter setup which our residents really loved.

After strolling around, admiring the beautiful décor we sat down at the café for some fresh bakery and drinks.

Group Jigsaw

We enjoyed a group jigsaw puzzle and a wordsearch on “Sweet and Treats” whilst Rowena played soothing piano tunes. Such mental challenges are highly beneficial for our residents, promoting active participation and cognitive stimulation. Residents demonstrated enthusiasm and engagement throughout the activity.

 Dementia Choir

The monthly Dementia Choir brings together residents from all four homes for singing, dancing, and socialising. This rejuvenating activity fosters a sense of community and joy among our residents. It also creates a warm and inclusive atmosphere for all involved.

Trip to Viable Craft Centre

We enjoyed a morning at the craft centre’s tearoom after a visit to the retro candy store. With teas, cakes, and delightful company, it provided a pleasant atmosphere for socializing and relaxation, enhancing our residents’ overall experience.

Garden Stroll

Strolling out into the garden to enjoy some fresh air which offers a rejuvenating break from the indoor environment.

Our residents actively engage in daily chores to maintain a sense of purpose and homeliness. By participating in some of these tasks, they have cultivated a fulfilling environment and a sense of belonging.

A bit of inhouse entertainment by1 of our staff members.


Celebrating one of our dearest resident’s birthday

Celebrating each resident individually, we aim to make their birthdays truly memorable. Our personalised approach ensures each resident feels extra special on their special celebrations.

Families Supporting Care

Friends and Family Charity Quiz Night at Hill House

We had a great evening participating in the Quiz Night organized by Families Supporting Care at Hill House.

Flower Arranging

Our residents at Woodlands showcased creativity by crafting beautiful arrangements of flowers. Their pretty arrangements created a welcoming environment for all.

Our Therapy Dog, Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell our therapy dog comes to Woodlands often and brings so much joy along with her. Our residents absolutely adore her.

Retro Sweat & Treats

We featured a retro sweets trolley during our Sweets and Treats Week. Residents enjoyed selecting their favourite candies and creating personalized mixes, evoking a sense of nostalgia. This unique experience provided a taste of the past in the comfort of their own home.

Manager’s Afternoon Tea

Our residents enjoyed an afternoon tea and discussion with our Home Manager, Debbie. The event provided a platform for sharing insights, addressing concerns, and strengthening relationships.