We started our week with a group physio session. This is one of our favourite activities as it allows us to find new ways to keep our muscles and bodies active! We particularly enjoy the ball games and the colourful scarf exercises.

We spent some time this week discussing the sense of touch. We had a box filled with how different things feel and we had to list as many things as we could that feel that way! As you can see, we managed to come up with quite a few things!

We were invited next door to Hill House to watch the dog show this week! All the dogs were very well behaved and we of course had to say hello to all of them!

Bring out the dogs!

They were all winners in our eyes so of course we had to give them lots of attention for being so well behaved! A lot of us owned dogs before we came to Hill Brow, so it was wonderful to be able to share our love for the animals!

But we didn’t only have fun with the dog show… it also gave us an opportunity to catch up with old friends who have left Hill Brow, we love spending the time we are able to catch up with our old friends!

We also spent some time this week making dog treats! We didn’t know it would be so easy to make them from scratch and the dogs really did enjoy their delicious treats!

We enjoyed spending more time with you all this week! It really brightens our whole week when we can spend time with our most loved ones!

We enjoyed our weekly outing this week to Farnham Park. The weather was lovely, and the sun was shining so we soaked up they rays!

We finished the week with a trip to Camberley to go 10 pin bowling! We joined some residents from another home, and it was lovely getting to know them! We also had a wonderful time showing off our skills with a bowling ball!