The past week has been a whirlwind of flavours and aromas, taking our residents on a delicious journey around the world. Each day, our home transformed into a new culinary destination, showcasing the diverse and tantalising taste of different cultures.

As we celebrated the diverse flavours of the world with our International Food Week! On one of the selected days, we travelled to the vibrant land of India, where the aroma of spices and the richness of tradition tantalize the senses. Our residents were treated to a delicious and authentic Indian lunch of Chicken Curry and Rice, prepared with love and expertise by our talented chef. The fragrant curry, bursting with exotic spices, was a delightful departure from the usual fare, offering a unique and flavourful experience.

Indian Snack Tasting

The aroma of spices filled the air at Woodlands, as our residents embarked on a delightful culinary journey through India. To celebrate the vibrant culture and diverse food scene of this fascinating country, we curated an interactive Indian Snacks Trolley, bringing a taste of India right to our doorstep. The trolley was a feast for the senses, brimming with a selection of popular Indian snacks.

There were homemade laddoos, lovingly prepared by our very own residents, their sweet and nutty flavours evoking their taste buds. Crunchy cake rusk, perfect for dipping in a cup of chai (tea), added a comforting touch. The savoury samosas, filled with chicken mince, spiced potatoes and peas, were a hit, their crispy exteriors giving way to a flavourful filling. Also, namkin, from spicy to tangy, provided a delightful array of textures and tastes.

After indulging in some amazing Indian snacks, the air at Woodlands buzzed with the infectious rhythm of Bollywood music! It was a day for celebrating cultural fusion and shared joy, as residents and staff alike embraced the spirit of Bollywood. After indulging in a delectable spread of authentic Indian dishes, the tables were cleared, and the dance floor beckoned. The energy shifted as the music kicked in, and residents, many of whom had never experienced Bollywood before, responded with enthusiasm. Hesitation soon gave way to smiles as they joined staff members in learning the steps, their laughter echoing through the room. It was a celebration of diversity, a testament to the importance of embracing new cultures and experiences. The resident’s eager participation was truly commendable, demonstrating a willingness to step outside their comfort zones and embrace something new.

To make this event successful, there was a great team of staff as well as our residents!

Our lovely residents carefully making ladoos that they had for Indian snack tasting.

Menu for the Week

Our residents were treated to delectable journey around the globe during International Food Week celebration at Woodlands, where a diverse array of culinary delights tantalised their taste buds.Our amazing team of activities and kitchen came together and have our residents the authentic flavours around the world.Then, the next stop was Greece, the bustling streets of Athens with a refreshing Greek Salad, featuring crisp cucumber, juicy tomatoes, and savoury lamb koftas.For those craving a taste of home, there was a classic fish pie, its flaky crust and creamy filling offering comforting embrace.Followed by some American style Macaroni Cheese, with its gooey cheese sauce, and hot dogs, with their juicy snap, brought a touch of America to the table.

The sweet tooth was not forgotten, as residents indulged in the creamy richness of New York style cheesecake, our residents also had a refreshing mocktail trolley offered some non-alcoholic beverages to their thirst and great for hydration!

Glimpse of our residents enjoying their different meals.

Refreshing Drinks

Pick your Mix!

Virtual Quiz

The air at Woodlands was electric today as residents participated in a thrilling virtual quiz, competing against 200 other care homes from around the world! The anticipation was palpable, with residents buzzing with excitement and eager to test their knowledge.

 Residents Outing

Our residents enjoyed a truly spectacular morning today, escaping the usual routine for a delightful outing to the Blackbush Airport Café (Pathfinder). The sun was shining brightly, painting the sky a brilliant blue and casting a warm glow on the outdoor seating area where the group gathered. As they sipped their coffee and enjoyed cakes, the residents were treated to a captivating show of aircraft landing and taking off. The roar of engines, the graceful movements of the planes against the backdrop of the vast blue sky, and the sheer scale of the activity created a truly awe-inspiring experience.

Garden Stroll

Fiddle Muffs for our residents.