We started another week at Hill Brow with our group physio session this is a great way for us to keep our bodies active as the physio gives us exercises specific to our needs. This means we can keep our muscles strong and active within our own limitations! Plus we really enjoy the games she comes up with for us each week!

We played word games this week, we had to make as many words as we could from ‘THE CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW’ and ‘AN ENGLISH COUNTRY GARDEN’ as you can see we did very well and worked together to fill the board with words!

We enjoyed dementia choir this week, this is another one of our favourite activities as it allows us to see our friends who have moved to different home and make new friends! We all enjoy singing songs together and have a great time!

Another one of our favourite activities is art and social, this is a great way for us to express our creative sides! Sticking with the theme of the week we coloured some of our favourite flowers, these were then put on display around the home for all to see!

With the weather perking up, we spent some time this week in the gardens enjoying the sunshine! It was wonderful to bask in the rays of sun while spending quality time with friends!

After a week of celebrating flowers we were inspired this week at our weekly flower arranging session! We got to work and made some wonderful arrangements to be displayed within the home!

We enjoyed a wonderful performance from Phil Harman this week! We all put on our dancing shoes and got to our feet to dance with each other! He played all of our favourite songs and we enjoyed singing along!

We finished the week with a lovely treat as we had some delicious ice cream! This helped us to keep cool in the best way possible!