We started another week at Hill Brow with some gentle armchair exercise, we do these every day to keep our bodies as active as we can. It’s the best thing in the morning to warm up our muscles and keep them strong.

We spent some time this week decorating biscuits! It was a fun way for us to express our creative side while also making some delicious treats! We couldn’t help ourselves and couldn’t wait for the tea before we began nibbling!

We tested our sense of smell this week with a blind smell test! We were offered a selection of different things to smell, some a lot nicer than others but it got our brains working as we tried to identify the smell! It was a very interesting experience.

We had a lovely visit from Rev. Tara this week, it is always lovely to see her, and she provides us with a wonderful church service. It’s wonderful for us to be able to celebrate our faith together as a community.

We enjoyed one of our favourite activities this week with flower arranging! We love when we can provide beautiful arrangements for the home and give something back!

We enjoyed a group physio session this week, this is a great way for us to have personalised exercises and the physio always makes it fun for us with some silly games that keep our muscles working!

We enjoyed a game of hoop toss this week, we managed to get a few action shots and some of us landed the hoops to win the game, but it was more about the laughs we shared together and support we showed one another!

She Shoots…


We celebrated one of our lovely residents’ birthdays this week! J.W. of course we had a lovely party and plenty of cake to celebrate her life and show her just how much we love her here at Hill Brow!

We enjoyed some poems by Pam Ayres this week!

We enjoyed a reminisce this week, thinking about the war and sharing our experiences with each other, it is always wonderful to learn from one another and share our lives.

We enjoyed a trip to Farnham Park this week, the weather didn’t allow for a picnic but we still enjoyed a warm cup of coffee and a sweet treat while we were out! We always enjoy spending time with one another especially in such a nice café.

We enjoyed playing some word games this week and tried to make as many words as we could from the phrase ‘THE PICNIC BASKET’. By working together we filled the board and came up with 140 words!