We started another week at Hill Brow with a visit from the physio for a session of group physio. We enjoy this not only because it keeps our bodies active but we can do it together!

We had a great time at dementia choir this week at Hill House! It is a great time for us to catch up with our old friends and sing our favourite songs!

We played royal word games this week and did very well as you can see, we filled the board!

We enjoyed reminiscing this week with a book by Andrew Davis called ‘When I was a lad’ we enjoyed this with a delicious ice cream to help keep us cool in the warm weather.

We enjoyed our weekly art & social with a royal theme this week! We were colouring and painting crowns and then our amazing artwork was displayed around the home!

We enjoyed cookery club this week where we all worked together to make some bread-and-butter pudding! We had it later in the day and it was delicious, even if we do say so ourselves!

We enjoyed a visit from GI fitness this week. She came and helped us keep our bodies moving! It seemed a bit strange when she pulled out the long sticks, but we soon got the hang of it!

This week we enjoyed a trip on the barge! The weather was lovely and sunny which made it even more enjoyable. We saw plenty of animals like the ducks and even a heron in flight!