We started our week at Hill Brow with our weekly physio session. This is a great way for us to keep our bodies as active as we can! The Physio gives us exercises that are specifically tailored for our individual needs!

We later kept our minds active by playing memory games where we had to name as many classic novels as we could! We all worked together and as you can see; we filled the board! We have read plenty of these ourselves and we enjoyed working together to come up with a plentiful list!

We had a special visit from our PATs dog this week as Tinkerbell came to see us! She was very relaxed even though we all fussed over her! She always brings a smile to our faces!

We spent some time in our beautiful conservatory at this week’s art and social, this is one of our favourite activities of the week and we really love painting pictures which are then placed around the home we love seeing our creative work every day!

We also spent some time doing our daily armchair exercises this week, we do these every morning to help wake us up and keep our bodies mobile, Dawn always leads us in gentle exercises and we always have a great laugh!

We were treated to our residents outing this week and went to Oliver’s restaurant for fish and chips! It was beautifully cooked, and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. After a wonderful main course, we enjoyed a sweet treat with some delicious ice cream! It really was a wonderful way to spend the day together!


We enjoyed a book themed game of hangman this week, Dawn picked some of our favourite books but we all managed to work together to figure out what the words were!

We of course took full advantage of the lovely weather we have been having and spent some time in the gardens surrounding us, we of course wore plenty of sun cream and drank plenty of juice!

Dawn surprised us this week with an all-things France! We had to list as many things as we could think of to do with France! It really got our minds working and made us think the more the board filled up the harder it became!

We enjoyed a toe tapping performance from Smokey Joe this week! He came and sung all our favourite songs so of course we had to put on our dancing shoes and dance the afternoon away!