We started this week at Hill Brow with a session of brainstorming all things AMERICAN! We managed to nearly fill the board by working together and coming up with the list!

We enjoyed our weekly physio session this week! This is a great and fun way for us to keep our bodies active and our muscles strong without being to harsh on us!

We enjoyed a trip to Camberley this week where we did a spot of bowling! It was most enjoyable and we all had a smashing time.

We also enjoyed our favourite activity this week of flower arranging, we love being able to provide a pop of colour to the home and love seeing our creative displays every day!

We enjoyed a “senses” brainstorm this week where we discussed all things senses related!

We spent sometime in the garden this week! Checking on the things we have been working hard to grow!

And all our hard work paid off!

We grew some beautiful potatoes! We brought these in and had them with our supper!

We enjoyed some Pam Ayers this week!

We had a Hawaiian party this week! We all dressed up and danced to Hula! We all had great fun dancing the afternoon away.